About Orion | We are the market leaders creating sustainable business environment

Orion Innotech Pvt. Limited is a Trading, Distribution and Supply Chain Management Company, engaged as an intermediary, importer/exporter, facilitator or broker in various types of trade between and among business enterprises and countries. Unlike many other similar businesses, we believe in creativity, ingenuity and innovation of our talented and experienced people, our intensive information gathering skills and our extensive financial resources and acumen.

Furthermore, Orion is committed to the growth of business environment in all sectors and industries. For this, Orion takes planned efforts on resources and production technologies. Orion trades in a broad range of commodities, agricultural goods, machinery, consumer goods, energy products, chemicals, lifestyle and natural resources for our own account, and on behalf of our clients.

In addition, we are more than just global distributors, traders and brokers, our supply chain management and network is our core strength. We assume and manage risk involved in transactions and act as business consultants, using our vast trade experience in new business development. We provide many specialized services, including sales support, transportation, insurance, storage, financing and leasing, engineering and construction services and traffic and logistics planning.

We are 360˚ Solution Providers

Our SOPs make us leader in the market and make us preferred choice. Orion’s business solutions share the experience, enhances capabilities, and delivers insight to help you.

Orion Group is offering solutions for establishing smooth business operations across various industry verticals, helping them establishing and maintaining sustainable growth. Our SOPs make us leader in the market and make us preferred choice. Orion’s business solutions share the experience, enhances capabilities, and delivers insight to help you. We have a deep understanding and study of business strategy and business functions. We understand your business preferences and accordingly develop robust strategy.

We provide the excellent product range by out-sourcing from various parts of the globe. We have established a strong command over the product distribution, sales, and customer inventories. We have the talent pool of researcher, planners, and executors. They are eternally engaged in the finding out innovative solutions for improvising the existing client base and eco-system. Orion's well experienced and qualified team take efforts to transform the business community.

We are making them competent to accept the challenges of today’s volatile market. We promise to fulfill our commitment of providing production breakthroughs with the help of advanced technology.

In India Orion is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana and several other locations within India and Overseas. Orion has strong Dealers/Channel Partners Network within India and affiliated companies across Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. Through this extensive global network, Orion facilitates its support in complex distributions, and can assist you in expanding your present business or in identifying and developing new business opportunities.



Orion is continuously delivering the best solutions and latest technology products since its inception in 2008.



Orion aims to optimize throughput and quality at the lowest per-part manufacturing cost.



Orion provides state-of-the-art products to suit their application which supports them to be a leader in their respective market.