Trading & Distribution | A super way for worldwide trading & Distribution DISTRIBUTION.

Orion provides a custom-made solution in the form of trading and logistics modules so that your business can reap desirable profits. Being a trading and distribution company, we are facing many challenges in the industry. We are striving to keep up with distribution capacities to fulfill supplier demands, manage delivery times and sourcing of products.

The conventional model of distribution is quickly changing. Today, many consumers are buying things directly from wholesalers and manufacturers through e-commerce websites. Through our trading and distribution, we are helping clients to optimize the delivery of their work and products with channel partners.

Plethora of channels for building effective working relationships

We perform effective distribution of the right products at the right times, to the right places. We have gained business insights working with global organizations of repute. We help customers to overcome their business challenges by enhancing their processes, stimulating innovations, and facilitating operational control.

In the current business environment, coordination is essential. We can support distribution operations in a dynamic and highly competitive market.

Trading & Distribution|
Rely on us for your needs

We have established a strong relationship with lot of global players who rely us on their trading & distribution needs.

Trading & Distribution

What is our role?

When you are growing and need to expand across the borders or larger geographical area we need someone who knows the local business culture and modus operandi. So as a channel partner we take care of day to activities related to area we are serving reducing the direct resources and physical presence of parent company.

With our strong base in India we are dealing with lot of MNCs getting their product / service reach the right local clients / consumers.

Benefits of Trading and Distribution
  • It automates business operations like order capture and processing to picking, packing, and shipping.
  • It gives real-time visibility and transparency into inventory, purchasing, sales, and financial information.
  • It improves supply and demand planning based on accurate forecasts.
  • It manages all warehouse-related activities like bar coding, handling, and fulfillment.
  • It streamlines the business processes across the extended supply chain and delivers operational visibility.
We Promise

Making you reach the right market

With our vast experience in the trading and distribution domain we understand the market and market trends and customer requirement very well & that gives us the edge to move your services or products in right momentum.

What we can help you with our expertise and local & global network of dealers , distributors and channel partners. We have already established a strong relationship with lot of global players who rely us on their distribution needs.

  • To expose your brand into the global market
  • To enhance domestic competitiveness
  • To take advantage of international trading technology
  • To increase and boost ROI
  • To maintain the cost-effective model
  • To expand your business potential
  • To reach the local business requirements
  • To fulfill the seasonal market fluctuations