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Orion Group offers innovative technological solutions to clients. The offering helps them to increase their productivity and saves time. Orion provides the business consultation to maintain an optimal balance of cost, schedule, and quality.

Orion Group offers unique and compelling consultation by a thorough understanding of business requirements. We are helping organizations to improvise their performance and productivity.

Understanding the Business

We understand that businesses of our every customer are different. Each one works with objectives and faces different challenges. Being a solution providing firm, we work in conjunction to deliver a precise solution to respective customers.

Process Driven

We have process and subject matter experts, well-qualified business consultants. In addition to this, we have an expansive global leadership network and market intelligence.

Helping you through

We help our customer with a flexible, swift and effective business solution. We try our best to reduce the adverse consequences on revenues, expenses, and consumers. Through Business Consulting we help enterprises to build and maintain high-performing, resilient, sustainable and profitable business growth.

Guiding you through

We provide the best guidance starting from assessment to execution. We suggest some “high-level” supply chain strategies to the other firms, help them to implement and obtain real-time success.

Substantial Growth |
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Right product or service, right placement and right process can make you achieve a global exposure.We collaborate helping you place your products at the global market.

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Our Business Consulting

Today’s business world is completely volatile and technology driven. We focus on the contemporary requirements of the business world and consult our clients accordingly.

Orion facilitates the clients from varied industrial sectors with its business consulting. We deliver research and experience-based supply chain strategies. The objective of these strategies is to achieve desired profit and to create new market places suitable for business.

We help our clients with the following Business Consulting services:

  • Vision and strategy setting
  • Operating model
  • Value transformation
  • Value optimization
  • Value realization
  • Digital framework
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Collaborating for substantial growth

We look into the transformation of your existing business model for achieving desired goals. We collaborate helping you place your products at the global market.

    Vision and strategy setting
  • We understand your business vision and strategy. We align and devise an effective business strategy for your business model. We design the policy that ensures high-performance achievement in any of market trends.
  • Operating Model
  • Our expert team develops a detailed framework of the functional model to execute various business activities. We create the framework to match your vision and strategy devised, in the first part.
  • Value Transformation
  • We consult in transforming your value preposition by implementing the business framework. We ensure to turn your business without comprising on your business standards.
  • Value Optimization
  • We identify the critical path in the process of value transformation. We focus on meeting customer needs, increasing the level of customer satisfaction, effective inventory management, low capital investment. We support you with value optimization.
  • Value Realization
  • We work in a collaborative model, and it makes us more proactive and accountable. We develop control points in the business framework, so you meet the volatile market conditions.
  • Tools
  • We also advise on tools to be implemented for executing business activities. For this, we put deep insights on product and customer database. These insights support the clients in the process of decision-making.
  • Digital Framework
  • Stepping ahead, we advise on the shift from the traditional market approach to new digital one. We create, plan and execute the strategy for transforming your business.