Supply Chain Management.

We strive for your dreams.

Orion Group has established a world-wide network with various stakeholders of the supply chain. With this, we ensure you to deliver the scalable and sustainable results of our executions.

We support the clients from retailing in setting their own brand, create a secure channel with other partners. Also, help them to maintain the import and distribution network. We facilitate you right from ideation to recycling in your business approach.

Orion aims big to become the major contributor to the global economy. We are connected to numbers of people, societies, networks and other complementary businesses. We have established our worldwide presence and value-based supply chain in all the corners of the world.

When we say ‘the value-based supply chain’, we mean it. We are there with you from ideation to recycling. We support you throughout the process in the following steps

  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Product Ideation
  • Product Design
  • Raw Material Procurement
  • Effort Sourcing
  • Production
  • Quality Audit
  • Logistic
  • Sales
  • Customer
  • Recycle

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Business Consulting

Let`s collaborate to ensure profitable growth.

Orion Group offers innovative technological solutions to clients. The offering helps them to increase their productivity and saves time. Orion provides the business consultation to maintain an optimal balance of cost, schedule, and quality.

Orion Group offers unique and compelling consultation by a thorough understanding of business requirements. We are helping organizations to improvise their performance and productivity.

We ensure the transformation of your existing business model for achieving desired goals. We collaborate to place your product at the global market place.

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Information Technology.

Time of being digitized

Orion group provides the information technology services that keeps the businesses on to the leading position. We provide information technology support based on the type of business. We are making the businesses capable of doing what they had dreamed about.

We use a technology-based marketing approach to meet the changing demand of the marketplaces. We are stepping into the digitalized future where information technology is the heart of business management. It transforms all elements of the business and provides valuable insights to our customers. Also, it helps us to maintain transparency between customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Digitalization enables them to make smarter, faster and more effective decisions and ensure business sustainability. It will help our customers and suppliers to drive the digital marketplace.

Information is crucial for every business as it serves as the glue to perform activities and administrators make decisions. Our techno-friendly and interactive digital platform connect all stakeholders.

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