Supply Chain Management | We dream to fulfill your dreams

Orion Group has established a world-wide network with various stakeholders of the supply chain. With this, we ensure you to deliver the scalable and sustainable results of our executions.

We support the clients from retailing in setting their own brand, create a secure channel with other partners. Also, help them to maintain the import and distribution network. We facilitate you right from ideation to recycling in your business approach.

Orion aims big to become the major contributor to the global economy. We are connected to numbers of people, societies, networks and other complementary businesses. We have established our worldwide presence and value-based supply chain in all the corners of the world. When we say ‘the value-based supply chain, we mean it. We are there with you from ideation to recycling. We support you throughout the process in the following steps:

  • • Market Trend Analysis
  • • Product Ideation
  • • Product Design
  • • Raw Material Procurement
  • • Effort Sourcing
  • • Production
  • • Quality Audit
  • • Logistic
  • • Sales
  • • Customer
  • • Recycle

Market Trend Analysis

We support the client with research on marketing trend and help them to check the need of time.

Being the leader, we also conduct such research with our research experts and supports with ready-to-analyse research work for faster decision-making.

Product Ideation

We support the client in finalizing the ideation about product considering the need of the time.

We help them in analyzing product life in today’s volatile market.

We also assist them in product positioning at national and international levels.

Product Design

We support designing of the product as per the latest trend.

We share our thoughts based on our experience with the global market and study on consumer behavior

Raw Material Procurement

We have big network of manufacturers from varied domains.

We help you in connecting to the raw material supplier for making ease of your production process.

Effort Sourcing

We help you in sourcing the manufacturing process as a whole or a part of it.


We help you in the entire production cycle by advising you in proper project management.

We assist you in identifying designers, product development resources and quality audit engineers.

Quality Audit

We help you in executing quality audit.

We assist in conducting the in-house quality audit with your quality audit engineers.

We also support you by doing an external or third-party quality audit to ensure quality output of production.


We have expertise in establishing an appropriate logistic process.

We have an extensive network of transporters for land, water and air logistics.

We take the entire responsibility of logistics of your finished goods.

We have a large network of warehouses including cold-storages.


We create effect sales and distribution network for taking your product to end-customer.

We do have our own sales and distribution network and using the same ensures accelerating the sales process.


We create a proper plan of brand positioning to reach-out your potential customers.

We take care of catchy and target-centric display of your product through stores, outlets and even through digital platforms.


We devise the process of initiating recycling process.

We ensure and minutely observe the product life and execute the process of sending the over-dated product to your manufacturing unit.

Supply Chain Management |
Backbone of your business

Orion aims big to become the major contributor to the global economy. We are connected to numbers of people, societies, networks and other complementary businesses.


  • • Uncertainty of Market Trends
  • • Globalization and Alignment with Foreign Culture
  • • Government Policy & Regulation
  • • Pace of Technological Improvement
  • • Complexity of Business Models
  • • Uncertainty of Supply
  • • Strategic Thinking & Problem-Solving Approach


We Care

We care about your products. We devise a strategy for its market positioning. We help you to explore various platforms to launch your products.

We Supply

We supply the products by making a close collaboration with all suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, customers.

We Facilitate

We facilitate the seamless transfer of goods, and services across the globe. For this, we have an interconnected or interlinked network, channels, and joint businesses. We control the flow of products and services required by end customers. We perform the transportation and warehouse of raw materials, inventory of work-in-process and finished assets.

We Boost

We boost your manufacturing process. We are distributors and providers of advanced machining solutions to metal-cutting manufacturers in India. We boost the growth of Indian Manufacturing Industries by providing the superior product range out-sourced from various parts of the world.

We Focus

We focus on your target market. Our excellent team of the experienced and qualified leaders keeps an eye on a local market. They maintain the flexibility to advocate the needs of each of our valued customers.

We Create

We create your market if one doesn`t exists, where your products get desired customers. We help in getting your product sale to the desired ROI. Creating a new market for new product is heavy-weight task eased by us.

Orion`s Execution Strategy. You Produce. We Distribute.